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Sometimes life stinks! Win the battle against foul odours with Odorgon, the unique Odour Eliminator that destroys odour-causing molecules and leaves a lasting fresh scent in their place. Originally formulated to fight hospital odours, Odorgon captures and neutralizes malodour molecules, rather than simply masking them. It’s non-toxic, non-irritating and safe for people, pets and the environment. Use Odorgon to get rid of the toughest odours life can throw at you. - High performance odour elimination - Destroys odour-causing molecules - Effective against airborne and surface odours - Non-toxic and non-irritating - Household: garbage and compost bins, diaper pails, bathrooms, basements, carpets, upholstery, footwear, clothing, smoke, and more - Pets: litter boxes, bedding, blankets, crates, vomit, and pet messes - Sports: helmets, pads, skates, cleats, ski and snowboard boots, gloves, and equipment bags - Vehicles: musty mildew odours, body odours, tobacco smoke, car seats, floor liners, and more - Won’t stain surfaces - Handy pump spray format - Safe for the environment - Proudly made in Canada - Fresh scent - 237 mL

About Odorgon Products

What Our Customers Say

Sushihunter, CA

"I've been using this product for over a year now. One bottle lasts me about a month or so. I use it on my cat's litter box.

I use the clumping litter and each time I scoop it out, (usually twice a day), I give the litter a couple of sprays of Odorgon. I also give a couple of sprays into the bucket that collects the used litter.

I live in a small apartment and odors will travel through the entire place in just a couple of minutes. Odorgon keeps that from happening. Even my visiting friends can not smell the two cats.

A great product."


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